Saturday, June 28, 2014

A Life Without Pictures

Currently, I have no camera. This is as surprising and disturbing as it sounds. My fancy camera died about one year ago when we went camping with Jessica and Mark and I left it out on the table (stupid, stupid, stupid Melanie) and of course a giant rainstorm happened by. Mark's friend is fixing it. That is to say, he has had it since November of last year. Every time Mark asks, he is "fixing" it. I've given up on that, and look ahead to the future. Future, fortunately, being a couple of weeks from now when I will finally be financially able to purchase a used but in great condition full frame Canon 5d Mark ii and either an L series 17-40 lens, or a non L series but rated to the moon Canon 17-55. How will I decide! Sigh. Well, I will cross that bridge when I get there. I come to my blog all the time to look at other people's blogs and sigh over not having a camera so not being able to blog. I look at my kids every day and think how many new molecules are being created in their little bodies that I am not capturing on camera. Life without a camera is just not complete! Thus, I am going to blog ANYWAY, but short little spurts of information so as to capture life and all that yada yada whoo hoo. And soon, pictures!!! The sucky part of the camera situation is that Elise is getting married next Saturday and I don't have a camera to record our trip to Utah! Joe, on account of his new biz can't come, so its just the wee four and I! We leave at dawn! (6 am. I would do 4, but I cant stay alert very well when I get up and try to drive that early.) We are going to do tons of fun Utah stuff, and I won't be able to take pictures of any of it! (Currently as I type this Daisy, who is supposed to be sleeping and is using every trick in the book to get out of napping) is screaming tearily about a black widow that is in her room. There is no black widow in her room.) It is officially SUMMER, and I am in school why my kids do nothing but play video games since we have no car and it's a 100 degrees outside! When we come back from Utah, Joe promises to have the gas sucking beast fixed so I can finally start going and doing fun stuff with my kiddies! Ok, BLOG post, NOT journal entry. Gotta remember that! All right, that's all for now. Off to do more laundry and more homework! Ciao blog, see ya in a few days!