Wednesday, March 4, 2009

7 years later, and Las Vegas, Married Style!

So y'all, as of Monday, March 2nd, 2009
I have been married for 7 years! I was excited that the "7 year itch" was over, until I googled the phrase, and realized that refers to a theory that most married couples are happy UNTIL they reach 7 years! Woah.'s not gonna be us. But, while it has not been an itchy 7 years, it has been an AWESOMELY, blissfully happy 7 years. And we still have eternity to go, so 7 years is just a drop. However, the non-milestone 7 years of marriage did warrant a trip to good ole' Vegas! Our fun was slightly dampened by worry over life junk happening to people we love, but we were able to have a few fun moments : ) Below are a couple pics of us before wedded bliss, and after. And as for the Vegas pics, those horrid casino people were pretty strict about letting us take cameras through the casino (which you kind of need to traverse to reach the outside) so I have a lot of pictures of our sweet suite, and then a couple of us leaving, hardy har. But its ok, as we spent most of our trip in our luscious room anyway. I apologize for the number of pictures, but, y'all know that's what I do, so here's a partial view of our awesome anniversary!

Joe and I on a camping trip a few months before we got married. Nothing points towards a happy marriage more than being willing to go be really grungy for a few days with the man you love.

We did it!!!!
Not many people know that right before we got married, i completely freaked out, because this thought did not officially hit me until that morning -HOLY COW, I AM CHOOSING TO BE STUCK WITH THIS GUY FOR THE REST OF ETERNITY!!! But, as you can see, I finally calmed down, and got hitched to this guy for the rest of eternity. I am just as happy about it now as I was in this picture. Yay for the temple!

Awww....look how happy we look. I swear I did not stop smiling that entire day. Maybe that's why my cheeks are so huge now! Maybe I stretched out my face on my wedding day!!!!

7 years later peeps! Off to Vegas! We rented a sweet ride. But before we could take off....
...I had to pose in the driver's seat, as I was not allowed to drive.
Sure, backing into trees, other cars, rocks, big red trucks,
and countless other things is all fun and games,
and your husband says he forgives you...until he rents a mustang.

I threw a fit about getting to drive
when Joe let the kids take the car for a spin around the block.
Kyle is a pretty good driver, I must say.
See that boring family car in the background? Yuck!
If you look closely, you will see that Joe has not only a dimple in his cheek (indicating that he is having a blast driving what Cleve calls "The Speed Car") but also that Joe is wearing a 'stang hat!!!

I ate a few bugs, but hey, that's the price you got to pay
for looking pretty freakin' cool!!!!!

There it is! The Venetian!

Ok, here comes a lot of boring architecture/room photos.
Look at this lobby!!!!!!!

Every ceiling in the Venetian is molded, and painted. It is spectacular!

For anyone who reads my blog, you will recognize the following look on Joe's face.
This also explains why the flood of pictures slowed to a trickle after the first hour.
What could Joe be annoyed about, I wonder? Look in the mirror.
, yup, that's what I look like a good part of my life.

Our room had an entryway! Entryways are like caviar and weird cheeses.
Only rich people have them.

This bed was so comfy. And pretty : )

Ok, I am going to just let the rest of these pictures tell you how cool this room was.

Except.....what is with this art? This is the art they put in fancy rooms?!!!!

Like I said, I didn't take many pics for the rest of the trip, except for these. We went to the Titanic exhibit at the Luxor, but they did not let me take any pics! Well, here's the outside. If any of you go to Vegas, seriously check this out. It is so moving. Especially when you get to the end and they have a gigantic piece of the ship's hull hanging there. Woah.

At the MGM Grand, they had a lion habitat,
and this lion was ripping this rawhide bone to shreds right above us!

Sigh, alright, time to go. Goodbye Vegas, hello awesome future!!!