Saturday, October 27, 2012

Kyle and the Rudest Pumpkin Patch Ever!!!

I'm just going to say it. 
Some Pumpkin Patches are monstrously witchy. 

Kyle had his first field trip yesterday! It was super fun. We watched as stone faced woman told us kindergartners about the many wonders of gourds. Many many wonders.

Then we walked around a field while the granite faced woman told us of the many wonders of pumpkin plants. Many many wonders.

Some (ahem...who shall remain nameless whilst humiliated) parents got yelled at for stepping out into the field to take pictures. Because at a pumpkin patch you are absolutely not allowed to get near a pumpkin, lest the rampaging children follow your "bad example" (literally straight from the woman's concrete face herself) and destroy all. See how......that bad bad parent caused a stampede?

Then we walked seven feet into a corn maze, turned left and walked seven more feet, turned left again, walked seven more feet and emerged from the corn maze. Kindergartners on a field trip are not allowed to have fun, you see.

The piece de resistance was the herding of said children past the petting zoo. Almost running past four cages of animals that -flash- (was that a...llama?) were almost hidden by practically -flash- (was that a turkey? Or a hog?) opaque chicken wire and probably had never -flash- (ok, last animal, that had to be either a goat or a chicken) been petted in their lives.

Then back to the buses! Each child got a baseball sized pumpkin and each mother got an argument as to whether or not she and her other child paid for two more precious baseball gourds. (They had. They weren't given a sticker though, so the bad bad parent reputation continued.)

Then, on the the absolute funnest (only fun?) part of the trip! Lunch at the park!!!! This was really fun

. Friends and swinging and fellow moms and many many labor and birth stories (no sarcasm, those are really fun to listen to and tell) and LUNCHABLES! Kyle and Daisy had a ton of fun. I am grateful to be a stay at home mom so I get to do stuff like this with him. LOVE YOU LITTLE MAN!!!