Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Why dad never gets cold

On our first official day in Utah, after my mom traversed the entire state looking for snow clothes for our whole family, we hit the slopes! These pics look blurry because thats what happens to my camera when it is snowing outside!

"Despite my outward appearance, I can't walk!"

But heck, making Dad do all the work? Better, anyway!


Can't walk, but I can sit!

The Yeti of our family. This boy loves snow!

Dad gained a few more pounds on the way home.

Auntie T's

Most of my photos from Aunt T's are foggy, because I did not realize that a camera in cold weather, equals foggy photos! But, here are,
The cousins

and sweet Kyle, sitting on Aunt T's hope chest.

'Twas the night before Christmas...

...and all through the house..

...all the kids were adorable...

...especially the mouse!
(Leah has the most adorable tiny little voice)

Wyatt, the coolest (and sweetest) dude in the west.

This is what we, and probably every other parent in America, do after the kids go to bed!

James put this together the night before, "for Wyatt" yet mysteriously one of the bullets was nowhere to be found the next day! Hmmmm....actually, James pelted me in the head with that thing after putting it together. Foam bullets my bootie! Those things hurt!

James takes a full day to put his tree up every year, and as you can see, it looks amazing! Especially that rockin' awesome Santa!

Merry Christmas to all, and to all without babies a good night!

Santa knew we were at James and Tammy's house, so Christmas was great : ) Thank you guys so much for letting us spend Christmas with you! This is seriously the coolest family on Earth!

Bleary eyed on Christmas day!

From mom and dad....eh...

...from santa...sigh...

...from James and Tammy! Heck yeah!!

The most popular present of the day was the one we gave the baby!

Mmmm...creme brulee french toast, a delicious tradition!

It snowed all day, hooray! But it was so windy, it snowed sideways. I tried to capture that, but just realize all of those snowflakes were going from left to right!

And since it was so COLD, the snow was sparkly! Like glitter!

Around bedtime, Joe and the guy in charge of his national guard unit started putting this up. The National Guard man did a better job (sorry Joe!)

Kyle did not want to go to bed until I handed him this vibrating back massager! When I tried to turn off the lights and take it with me, he screamed, so I turned off the lights, left it with him, and off to lala land he went, without a peep!

Cutie Kids!

Tada!!!!!! Only 360 days until next Christmas!

What's colder than dry ice?

Clinton, Utah! As awesome as Clinton is, sometimes it is pretty dang cold. Before we went to the hockey game, before dinner where Kurt puked at the table and majorly grossed out some diners by us, we went sledding! Tammy and I opped out of the sledding thing because there had to be someone unfrozen to drive home. When we first got out of the car, James said to me, "I give the kids half an hour" Well, the kids managed about 15 minutes before we gave up! Heaven bless Tammy's shotgun seat warmer that makes you feel like you're peeing your pants! Here are some pics that do not express to you in any way, how FREAKIN' cold it was! 24 degrees with a wind chill of like, negative 100. I've had a runny nose from the cold, but I had never experienced runny eyes until this day. It was still super fun though, anything with the Davis family is always going to be fun : )

Here is Tammy comforting poor Kyle. He had on long johns, pants, a shirt, snow pants, a winter jacket, hats and gloves, and he was still so cold he started screaming abut two minutes after we got out of the car. Kyle loves Tammy!

Yippee! First time down the hill! Kids don't care how cold it is!

The kids and the boys held out longer than Tammy and me because they were trekking up the hill so much.




Kurt could be in Antarctica, and he'd still play in the snow. He loves it!

Look at that face of concentration as he lugs that incredibly heavy snow tube up the hill!

Kyle LOVED the frigid fun, as you can plainly see.

Kurt's face tripped me out. Dead white except for his cheeks, and freckles. When it gets too cold, the body protects vital organs by diverting blood from other areas to those ones. As you can see, Kurt's body loves his cheeks as much as I do, and so they must be protected!

Monday, December 29, 2008


Here are James and Joe at the hockey game. But long, long ago, (15 years) in a galaxy far, far away, (Cuba) James and Joe were army buddies! Doing riot control in Cuba! Now these army pics are not very good, so I am going to try and put better ones on later, but for now, here are James with the 'stash, and Joe with the crew cut. BFFS!
James is in the front on the left, and Joe is in the middle. He said he remembers this guy having horrible B.O.

Two buff, riot controlling men.

I went to a fight the other night and a hockey game broke out

Ok, ok, I didn't come up with that one, Rodney Dangerfield did. But it's true!
So, the piece de resistance of our Christmas trip was our first family hockey game!
IT WAS AWESOME!!!!! Joe and I are now huge fans of Emilio Estevez, complete with ducks jerseys, and ducks tickets for next month. Before we went, I know there would be
B and O (Beer and Overtime) I did not know there would actually be, B.O. The guys behind us, well, P.U! (That's puck, and-uh-Upset Hockey Players) Have I said this yet? IT WAS AWESOME!!! This post is first, before Christmas, because it was almost the funnest thing we did. Following are some awesome moments!

Leah Lynn Davis. The CUTEST girl EVER. No joke. I want to get my own Leah Lynn.

Look at muh bebe! Huge eyes, red nose, gigantic lower lip, Excitement incarnate!

James being James, he let us wear his hockey jerseys! He even had a Russian one for Joe!

Awwww, she is truly adorable.

These moments were anticipated only slightly less than a goal. FIGHT, men, FIGHT!

Us! Don't I look hot in my...mmm...wait, I got this....Avalanche jersey? While I was waiting for the play to be over (look how much I know!) to return to my seat, a man started talking to me about the team on my shirt, and wanted to know my strategies for them. I just smiled, and said that The Mighty Ducks was a great movie, and taught me all I needed to know about hockey! I don't think he thought that was funny.

Hubba, hubba! The ice melted faster than my heart! (Gag me, corny Melanie)

Tammy snapped me seconds before I made off with Leah in my coat pocket!

I am going to take a wild guess, and call this mascot a grizzly bear.

Chillin' with the Tammy.

This much hoped for aggressive show of shoving leads to....

....this, which leads to....

...this! Heck yeah!

About to score!

And one final pic before the game ended. BlurMan LOVES hockey!

By the way, yelling at a hockey game is AWESOME! But, having never gone to a game before, all I could come up with was, "No, No! or, Go, Go!" But with a little research, I found out some great things to yell at my next game! (And no, I don't know what most of them mean)

"Hey ref! You must be pregnant, 'cuz you missed two periods!"

"Hey goalie! I've seen coupons that save more than you!"

"Hey (player) How can you eat with no hands?!" (whatever that means)

"Hey ref! Check your messages, 'cuz you've missed so many calls!!"

There were also lots, and lots of profane heckles to add to my repertoire, but I think I'll STICK with these! Got it? Stick? Hardy har har : )