Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My Tribute to my Lightning in a Bottle

Disclaimer: I did not know you were supposed to clean off the surface of the scanner before you scan pics. Now I know.

Kurt's Birthday is today. He is the most amazing little boy a mom could ever have.
And, 5 years ago, he changed my life forever by making me a mom.
I just wanted to post some pics of the most amazing 5 years (so far) of my life.

Here I am, of course,
(It would be nice if that were Joe about to go through labor, but no, it's me)
We had no idea who this special boy was yet.
We still had no idea if he would come out looking like a toad, or an angel.

Kurt, 5 minutes old. Definitely not a toad.

6 hours old.

1 day.

2 months.

5 months

11 months

15 months

Almost Two

Two Years Old

Three Years Old


Today, February 24th, 2009.
5 Years Old.

I have no words. Except that, the fact that this boy is mine proves there is a God. And he loves me infinitely more than I love Kurt. Which is pretty hard to imagine. Ok, that was 30 words.
Happy Birthday Kurtie Pie!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Best Birthday Ever! (Every birthday in this house is the best!)

Yes folks, another birthday for the We Who Revere Birthdays Segalla Family!
Any posts involving my children's birthdays will probably not be very funny as I love them too FREAKIN' MUCH to joke around about the day I got 'em.
Every time one of their birthdays roll around, and I remember the day they were born, nothing funny comes to mind, I just think,
DANG, I am the luckiest person on earth.
Anyway, here is what we did for Kurt's Birthday.
As ALL birthdays are in this house, it was awesome!

Our celebration started the night before.
Bedsheets, of course!
Oh, and a rockin' awesome comforter too.

Already, the vigilante spirit is awakening...(pun intended)

Clowning around with a younger bro/vigilante wannabe.

The next day started off with a trip to the most delicious place to eat for breakfast in the world.
The "Original" Pancake House in Anaheim, Ca.
Go to Denny's next time you go to Disneyland,
and I will disown you. You have been forewarned.

All other Pancake Houses are fakers, and copiers, and posers, and wannabes.

My children are a bit weird.
Kurt decided that these 49er pancakes were SO delicious (oh yeah, they really are) that they just needed a hint of some extra flavor.
He doused all the pancakes with ketchup and ate every single bite. Yum!

Incidentally, in my coined category of children who eat bizarrely,
Joe and I found Kyle eating his plate of spaghetti last night,
in a very comfortable and fun way.
He too finished off the plate while never budging from his cozy position!


Yay! Disneyland! HECK YEAH!

My kids always think the tram is the first ride of the day.

But the truth is, Daddy is the first ride of the day!

When Kurt is forced to ride bigger rides,
we younger set are left to ride Buzz Lightyear over and over.
Sigh, what are we to feel in this unfortunate circumstance other than....
Again, HECK YEAH!!!

Droooool......cotton candy....mmmmmm....

Regular Tire Swings can burn rubber, go bald, and eat my dust.

Tire Zip Lines now....pretty dang cool.

The Redwood Challenge Trail is the best kept secret in Anaheim.

Mmmmm.....parents who buy us endless cotton candy...mmmm....
.....i am going to have a sugar meltdown is good....

The "tube ride" is now Kurt's favorite ride.

We love it too, yup we sure do,
we think about how much we love it when we are pushing the kids
around the rest of the day with our drenched socks
squelching wetly with every step!
Yay water!

Yes, I am grimacing.
This has become my trademark smile.
And while you are admiring my cute grimace,
wont you also admire the gorgeous flowers behind me?

Ok, I take my food very seriously, and these corndogs are the best food in the park. Go ahead, have your plastic burgers and rubber-like chicken fingers. Now, try some real food! Mmmmm....corndogs....(we watch too many Simpsons)

Kurt had an awesome birthday,
and all the way home could not talking about his most favorite
acquisition of the day, this $4.50 sword! Kids are so easy to please!

But Birthday wasn't over yet! When we got home we had cake,

...and presents!

Don't you love how opening presents is a study in family cooperation?


We love you so much, Kurt!
Happy Fifth Birthday!