Thursday, November 26, 2009

Daisy Lyn Segalla

Our beautiful baby girl has arrived!
Daisy Lyn Segalla
She was born
November 21, 2009
9:56 A.M.
9 lbs. 9 oz.
21 3/4 inches long

Proper blog etiquette dictates that when you are blessed with a baby, you must then record every moment of your experience on your blog. And who am I to fly in the face of blogging tradition?

The week before Daisy arrived was very long and boring. Waiting, waiting, waaaaaiiiiitiiiiing.....
Good thing there is that "nesting instinct" to keep you busy!
I had a mountain of baby girl stuff I had collected and been given over the past 6 months piled in the corner of my bedroom. That long week before she got here I tackled it. First I piled it up on my bed, and then laughed at how ridiculously huge the pile was. Then I took a picture.

This is her shoe collection...still not enough of course : )

And the scary mountain of pastel...beautiful sight isn't it?

I had her coming home outfit like, three days after I found out I was having a girl

The mountain of clothes and shoes finally got folded and organized into her dresser,

And put on a bar,

stacked onto a handy filing cabinet,

and stored in and under our beautiful new crib!

That blanket, the most beautiful blanket ever crafted, was made by Grandma Segalla

And pink linen...sigh....cant get enough of that pink makes me happy just to look at it
And then, the day arrived.
I had never had a c section before, and as those who speak to me regularly can attest,
I was very nervous. EXTREMELY FREAKED OUT is probably a better description.
The below pic is of me about 5 minutes before I was wheeled off to the O.R.
Its weird how deceiving photos can be. I look relaxed, happy,....and I felt as though I were about to jump out of my skin, that's how nervous I was!

So what happened to me between the last pic and the next is so crazy. Its also a major factor in why I am not crazy about having any more children, though that's up to Heavenly Father, ultimately. The reason I was having a c section was to avoid what happened last time. Kyle was ten and a half pounds, and got stuck coming out, and suffered trauma to his "little" body. I had been told that most likely Daisy would be bigger, and so when she started measuring a lot bigger than how far along I actually was, I scheduled a c section. I knew my recovery would be longer, but she would be fine, and that's all that mattered to me.
Little did I know what was in store for me.
I had to go in to the operating room alone to get set up before Joe could come in with me. I was nervous, but actually my nervousness went mostly away when the waiting stopped and the steps began to get this baby delivered! I went in, sat on the table, and got my spinal block. I lay down on the table, and that's when I began suffering from a MAJOR panic attack. No one had ever told me about this possibly happening, and I hadn't read anything about this, when researching the c section. When you get an epidural, you are numb, but can still slightly move your legs. When you get a spinal block, there is no movement, you are literally paralyzed from the chest down. Holy cow. That feeling of being paralyzed hurled me into the depths of some kind of weird psychotic episode, I am not even kidding. I remember it suddenly hitting me that I couldn't move my legs, and it terrified me to the point where that thought was the only thing occupying my mind. I started yelling, "I cant feel my legs, I cant move!" and I started thrashing., my arms flailing around and hitting the nurses. I remember they were trying to talk to me, trying to reassure me that that was normal, but it felt like I was possessed, I didn't take in a single word they were saying. I was hyperventilating, my panic was so crazy I had this crazy strength and they couldn't even keep hold of my arms. It is so weird to recall this because I remember every moment, and yet I was not me. Finally, I started grabbing my oxygen mask, all the stuff connected to my body like the IVs, and started ripping them off in sheer agitation. At this point there was no reasoning with me so three nurses bodily pinned my arms down to restrain them. Simultaneously they injected a major narcotic into my iv and clamped another oxygen mask onto my face. Because I was still thrashing and clawing at my face to rip it off, until they got my arms pinned down they pushed that mask down hard and turned the air all the way up to force it into my lungs (to give me the same affect as if I were taking deep breaths to calm down, which of course I wasn't doing on my own) and finally, finally, I started to "come back." It still bothered me immensely that I felt so paralyzed, but I was able to just deal with it until the surgery was over. When I calmed down and realized what had just happened, I was so embarrassed!!!! Seriously, seriously embarrassed. I think I apologized about 1000 times. What with the emotional impact of that panic attack combined with the narcotic they gave me, I was completely wiped. I couldn't feel any of the normal c section pressure on your stomach for the duration of the surgery, and I was so lethargic that when Daisy came out, I didn't even really register it! I am amazed at the picture of Joe and I and the baby below because there I am smiling to beat the band, and I didn't feel that way at all! I just wanted to go to sleep, and it was like, baby? What baby? Who cares about a baby? So, there. Isn't that a crazy story? I have never heard of that happening to anyone esle! And I cant find much information about that side affect on the Internet! But I do know that unless Heavenly Father sends me a very clear message to have more kids, I don't think I can deal with that happening again. No way. It was awful. BUT....when all the crud did start wearing off.....there was my girl!!!! The first day I was conscious, but barely, but the next two days were all I hoped they would be with my baby girl! I just stared at her in wonder! I love her soooo so sooooo much!!! I got out of the hospital two days later, and have spent the last five days overwhelmed with love and gratitude for her. I have the four most beautiful children ever created! Alright, overload of pictures coming up.


Meeting Daisy for the first time, a moment captured on camera, but not in my mind

Awww...look at that lady meeting her baby...wait, that's me?

Dad loving up his baby girl!!

I love this picture, and it seems I can smile through ANYTHING!!

Daisy getting her first bath and of course hating it!!

The MacKay cheeks legacy.

Huge beautiful blue eyes! She is so alert with them!

After the crazy emotional overhaul and drugs wore off, I spent the next two days doing this, in this position, just looking, and crying, and being grateful, and getting all the nurses to tell me that "yes, this IS the most beautiful baby currently in the hospital"

My sweet beautiful girl, I hope she always "clings" to me!

Daisy is a champion face scruncher

Aunt Suzy lovin' up her niece!

Dad and his baby girl.
I cant wait to have an eventual album of pictures of them together.
Look at that smile! He loves her so much already!

I don't care how many there are, you cant get enough pictures of a sleeping baby!
And this is the only time for the rest of ETERNITY that Daisy will be a sleeping baby!

Loving life to the max!

She is so cute! Have I said that yet?

Daisy's grandma Segalla.
Sandra Lyn Segalla.
Her middle name is now Daisy's middle name as well. We love you Grandma Sandi!

Her coming home outfit. SOOOO CUTE!!!!!!

Look at this collection of angels!!! All mine! Kurt cannot get enough of Daisy. He wants to hold her all of the time, and is so tender and sweet with her!!! Cleve also liked to hold her, and Cleve REALLY likes to sit with his hand on her head, looking at her. Kyle says "Baby!" so cute and kisses her...if we are not holdng her. If we are holding her and ask Kyle to come give her loves, well, we might as well be asking him to come kiss a piece of poop! Poor Kyle. No longer the baby! That is a hard trophy to give up! But we just love him up so much, and tell ourselves that two year olds dont stay two forever!
Anyways, we think our family is complete, right now nothing feels more beautiful and complete than our family! Holy smokes is this house crammed full of happy! Want to get high on some joy? Come on over folks!
Welcome to our family baby Daisy! We love you so much!