Sunday, January 3, 2010

My new skinnymelanie blog!

Hola everyone!
I have started a new blog. Ok, I started right after Joe got his weight loss surgery, and then I promptly abandoned it. ANYWAYS....I was all set to blog like crazy when I was working out before, and then I kept on working out and didn't blog about it! But that's ok. Given the choice between blogging and being amazingly hot, I'll pick amazingly hot, hehe. So, its been 6 weeks since Daisy was born, and I am ready to hit the gym again, starting tomorrow! Heck yeaaaaah! I want to lose 40 pounds by this summer. Our family is going to Mount Rushmore, and so of course naturally Mount Rushmore makes me want to get fit. Didn't make any sense? Yeah, I was just kidding. But it would be nice to have at least one vacation photo of me that looks good. We want to go in June, so if I lose 7 pounds a month I can reach my goal weight. One thing I have heard motivates people on their weight loss endeavors is to start journaling about it. Thus, my new blog. Skinnymelanie. As in, So, if y'all want to hear my weekly humiliating confessions as to how much I really weigh, and all my fascinating thoughts on the gym, then check it out! Otherwise, it will be just for me and I will get hot. Hopefully I will achieve hotness ANYWAY, but this way we can all cheer my pudge-ness out the door! Bye pudge! Never come back! We WONT miss you!
Alright, 2010 is skinnymelanie's year, baby!
Ciao for now!