Friday, July 24, 2009

A long and plastic trip

Hey, y'all!
Last August (that's '08, folks) we bought tickets to Legoland. Then something happened and we never used them. On Monday of this week, I happened (thank goodness) to look at the back of the tickets still in my wallet, and realized that they were to expire in two days hence!!!! So, we had no choice but to trek it to Legoland in the blazing California July heat! Being a mom makes you brave. Sadly, Joe couldn't go on such short notice, so, pretty much the coolest person on the face of the earth, Courtney the Brit, came with me instead. I have a absolutely stunning picture of her that did not get uploaded off of my camera, so my next post will feature her stunning beauty. Until then, she is the gorgeous one appearing in some of the below pics.

Me and the boys. I am not wearing makeup as the air could be likened to the Amazonian jungle, and halfway through the day I would have looked like a raccoon. I saw many a raccoon these two days.

We walked in the park and were immediately silenced by the awesomeness that is giant lego sculptures everywhere.

One of the coolest things about Legoland are the water activities that are everywhere! You cannot go to that park with kids and not get drenched from being caught in the crossfire!

You will have to forgive me for the ensuing 8,000 or so pictures of the LEGO sculptures that are everywhere (and just remember that I did not post the other 8,000 that I took) but come on people! These things are built entirely out of LEGOS! That is freaking awesome!!!

Ok, Legoland is NOT for babies. I repeat, NOT for babies. (Or pregnant women) This is one of the three rides Kyle could go on in two days. This is a train that goes one mile an hour for one 30 second circle.

HOWEVER. There may be no rides for babies, but there are TONS of places to explore, climb, play in, etc. So, I take it back, it is kind of for babies.

Dude, the kids get to drive these cars by themselves, not on a track or anything!

Lifesize car!

LEGOS, people, entirely made of legos!!!

(see above comment)
HOLY cow!

Hoe cute is this little swimming pool?!

Look at the lego swim deck! So cute!

When you do a closeup like this you think, hey, I can make this myself!

Courtney found her man

Like I said, tons and tons of stuff to climb on!

This Einstein head...well....any words?
Hotel Room, my one pic. Kyle has this new way of taking a bath. He will lay like that and not get up the entire time.

We got to Legoland early the second day.
You could say we struck while the iron was hot

So, difficult decision for mommy. Let face burn (because baby tears off his hat) or put sunscreen that is bad for eyes on face? Clearly this mom made the wrong choice.
My sweet baby boy...sniffle!!! (That's me crying)

Cleve is having fun....cautiously....


A new interpretation of Edward and Bella.

The splash park at Legoland is just like a waterpark, slides, splash pad, it is awesome! And in the July Heat, oh my gosh,

Kyle attempted to get into this slide about three dozen times.
(One day he is going to be too big to thwart)

With these boats you can actually shoot passerby with your waterguns. The surprising things is how many people get mad when they get soaked! Cue:HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

Our last ride before leaving Legoland. No line, gentle boat IN THE SHADE,
awesome LEGO sculptures,
both me and Kyle could go on it...pretty much the best ride of the entire trip!

The coolest part about this fair maiden was her trippy hair!

At last! My (yellow and plastic) My hero on a white horse!

Yeah, yeah, yeah....

LEGOS, people. ENTIRELY made of Legos!

Whoohoo, these smiles tell all. Legoland is awesome!

And yes...there are dozens of places to play with Legos.

I have to admire Courtney's endurance. This lady can sit with her head hanging out an open window, ON THE FREEWAY, for over two hours! Now, that is impressive. Of course, it helps if you are so sick you think you are going to die.
Thank you for going C!