Saturday, September 6, 2008


Hello all,
Being a stay at home mom is the best thing in the world! One of the side effects though, is that you are always thinking about how you can make a"little money on the side." Beyond the obvious ventures of selling makeup, candles, Tupperware, or bizarre kitchen utensils, I periodically come up with really awesome business ideas! ,These will probably never really come to fruition because in California, there are very few businesses that are not duplicated 350 other times across the state. We hope to one day move somewhere where there are four seasons, so when that happens, I will do all of these business ideas and become so rich my husband can stay home too. Until then, I will have to be content with sharing them with you.

Idea #1.
Wouldn't it be cool, when Christmas comes around and you have mountains of presents, but no time to wrap them, to have some van filled with cheerful people come to your house and wrap all your presents in one go? All your presents would be wrapped gorgeously in one afternoon. Whenst this idea came to me, I promised myself I would someday do this very inexpensively for other poor, wearied mothers such as myself. I would be like, the super hero of Christmas! When I started thinking of the name of this venture, the name came to me instantly. I would drive around in my van emblazoned with THE WRAPMOBILE. And what would my alter Christmas hero ego and my faithful assistant be?
Why, Wrapman and Ribbon, of course!
Wrapman and Ribbon in the Wrapmobile, coming soon to a city near you, folks!


A+W Somers said...

Ha! :) That's great. I love it.

melissa said...

Come to my house, okay? We always do this the night before (all night)! Wes says it's a great idea! We love it.
Of course, I'll have to think of some great business venture first so I can come up with the money to pay you . . .

teamkc said...

That would be great...unfortunately you live too far away!