Saturday, January 17, 2009

We would definitely survive an Ice Age

It may have snowed earlier this year, but this is still the desert.
As such, when our family went to the park last week, some of us decided to strip down to our shorts. Only in Hesperia. The second week in January. The dead of winter. And here in California, HOT!

Look at this! 40 below zero on the East Coast, and it was 80 degrees here!


Some of us think slides are way funner.

They are having a blast! I want more snow.


Mosby said...

It sure is nice to have warm weather all the time! Wearing shorts and sandals all winter thats the best! Your blog is great! Glad to find someone who updates so frequently! I will be checking back soon to see what else your cute little boys are doing in the "winter"