Thursday, January 29, 2009


Ok, So, every time I post it starts out underlined. I don't know why. Anyway, I have now seen my third hockey game. I am a Melanie-come-lately to many things. It took me until teenagerhood to realize how awesome eighties music is, and that not only do I not like pepperoni pizza, I am allowed to say no to it! It took me until adulthood to leave the country, eat ribs, and to loooove hockey! I do. I love hockey. And like most other things I love, I have no idea why. Except to say, its awesome. Wow, the underlining went away, weird. Anyway, my first NHL game!!!! It was, of course, insanely awesome.

This was at the gas station on the way down. Can you tell I am excited?

Joe has a look on his face that suggests this is a not-unpleasant activity we are going to.
Just kidding, he was really excited too.

The Anaheim Pond! (Honda Center) Home of the Anaheim Ducks!

Before we got inside, our excitement was threatened when the metal detecter wand detected Joe's army knife. We were told he had to put it back in the car (a half mile away) or he had to break off the knife. When we asked why this was necessary, the teenage employee explained that we could potentially kill someone with it. Joe then explained cheerfully to the adolescent boy that he didn't need a knife to kill him, he could do it with his bare hands. In the end, we left behind a broken knife tip, and a terrified teen. Thank goodness Joe was not arrested.

Ok, bad pic, but look how close to the ice we were!

Oh say can you see...that the ducks are going to lose.... : (

If you don't like hockey pics, this post will not thrill you.

Hey!!!! That jersey would cost me 250 bucks to buy it used from the gift shop! BE CAREFUL!!

Fighting is not always between two players!

Ok, I am aware that I have not seen that many games. That being said, I still have two eyes and a brain. This guy below, Nikolai Khabibulin, is the best goaltender I have yet to see, after three games : ) With two minutes left in the game, the ducks went crazy! Attempt after attempt to slam that puck in the net. He was everywhere, and didn't miss a beat. I personally think he is freakin' good, and with respect to the Ducks, when I get a Ducks Jersey, I may just get a Blackhawks Khabibulin one too.

Below, he is down in the right corner. You can kind of see his name on the back of his jersey.

Again, showcasing how much zilch I know about hockey, below are two guys wearing jerseys bearing the two names that were on the backs of everyone else's jerseys too.
and Pronger must be pretty good.

Notice how the refs look like they were just enjoying the violence. Well, they were. They were pretty slooow about pulling these guys apart. Finally, when the skate blades started flying, they were like, ok, ok.

No Overtime... : ( But here we are having a blast!

And yes, I know I have chipmunk cheeks. I am very self concsious about them.
One day I hope to live somewhere where ginormous cheeks are sexy.

Upon leaving the arena, we were confronted with two disturbing, and sad sights.
This one (which we actually got to see all night long)
It's blurry, but that is probably better for all y'all with weak stomachs.

And this one.
But this will not be our last Ducks game. And next time, I WILL be wearing a Ducks jersey! Unless the Ducks are playing the Blackhawks again. Then I'll be wearing a Khabibulin Jersey!


Valerie said...

I love hockey too! I've only been to a few games, but went to my first one when I was a teenager and it was so fun. Those are such cute photos of you and your guy!

teamkc said...

Hockey is great fun...looks like you had a fun date! And I, too, have chubby cheeks...I've learned to embrace them!

Mosby said...

Wow how could you stand/sit and watch this person in front of you. Did you tell him that crack kills?

Tammy said...

I miss you guys. I'm so glad you caught our hockey fever. I wish we could have been there with you.