Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas 2009

Christmas this year was really fun!
We did a ton of stuff!
As always, a ton of pics coming up!

On December 19th we had our Segalla family Christmas exchange. We went to see the lights after it was over, but there were so many people I couldn't even take the time to snap any photos! And a lot of my pics of the family Xmas exchange turned out blurry, but here are the ones I got.
This is Joe with our niece Megan. She loves her Uncle Joe, and he LOVES his Megan! Her mom better watch out, I know Joe wants to sneak her home one day! Daisy with Aunt Misty, who moved to Modesto today!
We miss her a ton already!
Presents!!! Whoohoo!!!
This is what Suzy made me, isn't it awesome! Misty made me something cool too, so I will post that soon. I have such crafty sisters in law!
Magic and Mayhem!

This year on Christmas Eve we went sledding! We went sledding last year at Christmas too, I think we are going to make it an annual tradition! The boys looked so cute in their snow clothes!

I only got pics of the boys playing on a mountain of dirty snow, and not actually sledding, as I had to stay in the car with Daisy! Oh well, next year!
Doesn't Kurt look ready to go snowboarding?
Our sweet little Cleve, he LOVES the snow, and HATES snowball fights!

Later when we got home from sledding we decorated gingerbread houses! Other than actually baking the houses with my mom and making the frosting, my boys did these all on their own! Aren't they so creative?!
Of course Cleve thinks EATING the houses are the best part!
Such a cute decoration for the house!

I thought our decorations looked really cute this year!
Now its time to start the countdown to decorating next year!!!
Christmas morning! For some reason I had my camera on some weird setting and the pictures turned out really blurry! Oh well, there are my (blurry) kids on Christmas day!
Blurry perfection! I love my sweet family,
even blurry they are the most beautiful kids in the world!
Losing interest in the photos....."Come on mom, PRESENTS ALREADY!!!"
Stockings, whoohoo!!!
(Tic tacs are Cleve's favorite treat from the store)

First year that Kyle really, really got into Christmas!
This was mom and Dad's Christmas present this year : )
Christmas Carnage
(and Dad doing what MILLIONS of Dads
around the country were doing at the same time)
Time to play with the loot!!
(And call people to tell them Merry Christmas)
I guess using the flash actually works sometimes......
It was a great day.
Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!
Happy 2010 everyone!


Valerie said...

Glad you had such a great Christmas. I love the blocks with your last name!