Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Kurt's Christmas Program

So, having our first kid in school has been very crazy, a lot to get used to! But I LOVE all the firsts! Well, most of them. I wasn't too crazy about the first time one of our kids got hurt at school (fell off the jungle gym) and having our first encounters with ABSOLUTELY FORBIDDEN words and I CANT BELIEVE A KINDERGARTNER KNOWS THAT (and is telling that to my child) were both firsts I could have done without. So I LOVE most of the firsts!
I loved Kurt's first Christmas program.
The snazzy outfit we got him! Kurt walking around the whole week before the program practicing his songs he was learning. Watching him sing those songs that night! One of my most favorite memories, EVER.

Joe was out of town (thank goodness for camcorders!)
so Grandma and Grandpa Segalla came down to help
me and the kids get to the school.
Otherwise, it wasn't going to happen!
Thank you guys soooo much!
We love you!

Yes, very blurry : )
Let's play Where's Kurt, can you spot him?

Sweet angels : )
AAAAGGGHHHH!!! Look at this kid!!!

What a hottie!!!