Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Officially blogging

Ok, so, I have not blogged since last November, but all is well. I am back. Since no one actually reads my blogs, this is just a more stylized way of talking to myself. Yes, I talk to myself, and despite being embarassing, its helpful as a mom to have a running commentary.
"Why did I put the diaper cream in the fridge, probably because Kyle got up three times last night. Oh well, its nice and chilled, and it will feel good on his heinie. Wait, whats that? What IS that?!!!! You know what Kyle? (who is drooling attentively) I think this was the leftover burrito from last month, I am not sure we should keep that...."
and on and on.
So, I had a myspace page, it was very professional and beautiful and EXTREMELY spiritual with temples everywhere, and ctr symbols, and VOTE FOR ROMNEY banners, but, sigh, the predators are out there, just waiting to hunt down a stay at home lds mom, so I took it down. But watch out blogspot world, here I come!
Melanie Segalla