Sunday, November 30, 2008

The feast of fat things

When I woke up on Turkey Thursday, I didn't have to think for even one second about what I was grateful for. They were there waiting for me the second I opened my eyes.

Look at my hot man. The one in orange. He's mine, ladies, sorry.

Fast Forward a few hours. Jared McEwan cooks great meat. This turkey was INSANE, it was so good. Two seconds after I took this picture, Jared is going to set the turkey down, and a waterfall of turkey grease is going to pour off the counter onto the floor.

The kid's table. (Always more fun)

Oh YEAH. Yummerooney.

I know taking pics of the food seems silly, but you work so hard on it! This year, Suzy cooked it all, and it was amazing.

Ok, ok, one mor picture. But doesn't this food make you want to go scavenge in the fridge for those leftovers? And how about Suzy's 100 year old china paired with my turkey placemats? A match made in Fowl Heaven.

The first picture in the following series entitled

These are Kyle's eyes when he is NOT wide eyed. You should see him when he's excited!
The only baby who makes you afraid his eyes are going to come after you and eat you.

Blurred Perfection

Uncle Jared was the cool dad/Uncle today. He helped the kids make gingerbread cookies after dinner.

Thanksgiving is ROCKIN' AWESOME!!!!


teamkc said...

I like the gingerbread man decorating idea - we will have to do that next year! Your boys are SO grown up! We look forward to visiting with you when you head up this way...