Saturday, November 29, 2008

Just me and my boy!

Kurt is our tallest child. He will probably always be our tallest child. He has been tall enough to go on all of the Disneyland rides except for two, for almost two years. Always, when we get off a "big kid" ride, he asks to go again. Since we always have his shorter siblings with us, we have to say no. A couple of weeks ago, I decided that Kurt had been a patient child long enough. Off we went to Disneyland, together, to ride all the big kid rides as many times as he wanted! Since it was not very crowded that day, we got on everything with nary a wait. By the end of the day I was fully seasick. Following is the the list of the rides we went on and how many times. I bet any of you would have puked too. At the end of the day, Kurt was of course, begging for more. But shouldn't we all have a day in our childhood where we can go on Splash Mountain 7 times?
Here it is.
Splash Mountain (3 times in a row)
Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
Space Mountain (Front row! Extra motion)
Star Tours
Autopia (twice in a row)
Finding Nemo
Buzz Lightyear
Grizzly River Run (2 soaked, shivering times in a row)
Mullholland Madness (3 times in a row)
Jumping Jellyfish
Autopia again
Splash Mountain (4 more times in a row)
Now I dare you all to present me with someone who would not also have been horribly sick at the end of the day. It was fun though. Here are some pics.

My beautiful Boy

Kurt's trademark toothless grin-adorable, isn't he?

Dang mom, this tree is huge!

Christmas! Hooray!

Look how sweet Kurt looks as he gets on the Winnie the Pooh Ride, which we affectionately call...

...Winnie the Pooh on crack. And no, despite all appearances, Kurt is NOT on crack.

Run out of mula at Disneyland? I know where to get some....

We also did the Jedi Training Academy, and Kurt got picked! He looked adorable.

Going to fight Darth Vader!!!

Keeping the universe a little safer

OFFICIALLY a jedi. All day long, Kurt would say in an awed voice, "Mom, I can't believe I am am a jedi now." But Joe and I always knew Kurt was a jedi, he can manipulate the heck out of us with his "jedi mind powers"

Ok, eventually even Kurt collapsed and took a nap. While waiting, I went to see some "upcoming" changes at Disney's California Adventure, and I discovered, they are de-Californing the park!!!! Below is one of the many changes they are making to the current California decoration! Below are some signs, one is of the new land opening up in 2012, CARS land, and the other is the projected view of DCA then. See if you can spot all the ABSENT California attractions!

Holy Moly, this is the literal face of an angel.

Heavily trimmed, this is why I usually do not have other people take my pic. Let's just say that before cropping, there was a LOT of photo on the left. But, ending the day with Mickey? It almost wiped the impending barf right off my face! Almost.