Monday, October 27, 2008

Have I been wearing it? you can see below, YES I HAVE! Everyday, with a few exceptions. (I have found out that Disneyland loves the shirt, the mall does not)

Here I am with Joe's mom. We are demonstrating that we can demonstrate! We did a demonstration for Prop 8 with her ward, my old ward, the Crestline Ward. (Have I said ward yet?) My hair is curled so as to look cute on the street corner. I did not factor in that my curls were framing my gigantic head complete with chipmunk cheeks. Ah, well.

Discussing our demonstration strategy.
Yell loudly? (YES) Wave signs frantically (when needed) Spit on people who swear at us? (NO) Lay down in front of the cars as prop 8 martyrs? (NO) Get excited and share the importance of voting yes? (YES) Go out in the street to hand out bumper stickers?
(Yes, until a cop stopped, and told us we couldn't do that anymore)

We did actually get naysayers. Notice the brilliant arguments written on their signs.
(Not shown, but there) GAY PEOPLE ARE PEOPLE TOO!

My dear friend Kristie. She inspired me to go the next day as well. and a SHOUTOUT TO SANDI! She watched the kids so I could go. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

Kristie and Melissa Andrews, one of my other favorite people in the entire world. Got to love people who are, without fail, always upbeat, cheerful, and willing to go the distance for the gospel. If she were crossing the plains, Melissa would have pulled her handcart faster, farther, and better than anyone else. She wouldn't brag about it though, she would just be sitting in a lawn chair as all the other handcart pioneers straggled in, asking what took them so long? No, she would have gotten up and helped them. Ok, this caption has taken a weird turn. Anyway,
Melissa and her equally cool husband Wes.

James and Susan Harris, and Crystle Hill. (For all who have heard the story, the other person rescued by a lifeguard at the beach with me and Corrinna on that fateful ward beach trip so long ago)

Sandi, wearing THE SHIRT! Doesn't she look great?!

Our crew! Looking good! For some weird reason, the lane closest to these people had the most swearing people. We called it, "The Hate Lane."

Ralph Somers, Melissa's Dad. Oh, and William Somer's Dad, too! He teaches at Hesperia High! Or, Sultana. Or the other one. He teaches in Hesperia. He is awesome!

The back of these signs said
"Don't drink coffee, it's bad for you!" Just kidding. Though, it was interesting to see where the people stood who were in the drive thru line for the coffee.

Proof that I was there. What a good friend Kristie is. Her and her husband Adam would have been pulling their handcarts right up there with Melissa.

This was so fun. I can't wait to do it again on Saturday!!!!!
YES ON 8!!!!!!!!!!!


Kristie said...

You got some great pictures! We all had fun and it was nice to be doing something not so scary (phone calls scare me).

And you forgot that Melissa and I already have pulled handcarts. We would do it again in a heartbeat. You learn a lot about yourself on pioneer trek.

Keep up the GOOD work!

melissa said...

Thanks for taking the photos. It's fun to read about what we are doing and see all the great people who are helping!
I loved standing next to you while we waved signs . . . you gave me the enthusiasm I needed at the end of a busy day!
I love your shirts!
And I love you too!

teamkc said...

Good for you! We are SO happy that the efforts of you and countless others...WORKED! God Bless America!