Saturday, February 21, 2009

Haircuts of the young, and trusting

So, my kids were looking extremely hairy.
Before they could be photographed as descendents of Sasquatch, or the bearded boys of Circus fame, my husband saved us some money by cutting their hair. Joe used his creative talents to give Kurt the rockin' awesome haircut you will see in the next photo.

Yes folks, my son looked pretty cool. But.
Would other people appreciate Joe's artistry?
Unfortunately, probably not.

So, off it buzzed.

Having to hold down an extremely wiggly, and terrified child while his cruel father applied a giant, vibrating, deafeningly loud buzzing piece of steel to his head, I could not capture Kyle's haircut. But I think he looks adorable now! Thank goodness we don't remember our traumatizing baby days! baby is so adorable, which is exactly why I want another one.
You can't eat just ONE delicious cookie!


Mosby said...

I just cut Bretts hair the other day, I made Brooke tell him it looked good cause he didnt think I would know how to do it... How hard can a buzz cut be? I did an ok job, but I definitly think Josh could probably do better! Good job Joe!