Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Today my camera was returned to me. I had kept a light on for my sweet girl, looking anxiously for the day she would come home. In the kitchen I stood mundanely washing dishes. Sigh. Its hard to feel so empty inside.
Faster than the speed of light, I jerked that front door open so fast I scared the junk mail right out of the mailman! Within seconds, my sweet baby was home, where she belongs. With her mommy. After carefully attaching the safety strap, promising her I would never let her down again (or rather, drop her down) the moment came to snap the first picture A.D.
B.C All pictures Before Crisis
A.D All pictures After Damage
So, my husband, who is so perfect I feel sorry for all of you, is the subject of my first photo A.D.
No better subject, in my humble, hubby adoring opinion. I love you, Joe.


Erika said...

What kind of camera is it?