Sunday, June 15, 2008

We are the Desert Dwelling Hobbits (DDHs)

We are the desert dwelling hobbits.
The case is larger for Joe and I, because we are short, and round, and in my case, have enormous feet. Fortunately, we have not grown the feet hair that is customary to a hobbit, but I am sure its coming. Anyway, lots of people out here are tall and narrow with tiny feet. However, I still maintain that choosing to move to the high desert is a lifestyle choice. Move to Hesperia or Victorville, and you are choosing the life of a DDH. (you got that, right?)
No, I am not weird. And no, I am not a "ringy", or a "tolky", or whatever you would call someone who considers Lord of the Rings second only to the bible. I just noticed a similar quality one day, something we Desert Dwellers share with those round little beings.
"Out of my way, peck!"
(that has nothing to do with anything, I just felt like throwing that in there because Hobbits remind me of Pecks, I love that movie, and I knew I'd get that in a blog eventually)
Joe and I have decided to paint our house.
As we were choosing between sea foam, and skylark (green, blue, you know.) we decided to drive around the desert and check out what color combinations are popular out here in the real windy city. (Whoosh off, Chicago!)
It turns out that Joe and I are groundbreaking homeowners out here in the hot land! In our revolutionary decision to add some color to the brown domicile we call home, we are disrupting the hobbit-similar tradition held dear in this community!
How dare we change the practice of painting our home the exact color of the dirt/sand that surrounds it! Which brings me to why that makes us Hobbit-cousins.
Hobbits build Earth homes covered in grass to hide, to blend in to their surroundings.
Well, are we not the same? We too inhabit -inhobbit- homes that "blend in." With every house exactly matching the front yard, we are practically invisible! Throw in some faux rock siding, and we might as well be underground!
I use the "we" tense. Sadly, our quest for tan emancipation has not occurred. Yet.
"we" are like hobbits in our sand colored homes that disappear. But as soon as we manage to slap up that sage (or sky) colored paint, it will be a "them."
Heck yeah!!!!