Thursday, June 26, 2008

Splashin Segalla's Waterpark! (Cleves 3rd birthday)

In keeping with my tradition of going way, way overboard on birthday parties, we turned our backyard into a waterpark on June 20th, 2008. IT. WAS. AWESOME!
The birthday boy had a blast, as well as everyone else. As you can see, while the kids went crazy playing in the insane heat -

the adults............
sat under the easy-up of course!
Cleve blowing out the candles on his cake...

which I DID NOT GET A PIECE OF! Why? Check out the photo below. This was the cake after being outside for 10 minutes. Drat!
Despite the party being totally rockin' awesome, the end of the day was cool too. Thats when everyone went home, and we had the jumper and waterslides all to ourselves! We jumped in the jumper together-
and had a splash bomb/water balloon fight!But was Cleve's birthday really over?
In this family, we CELEBRATE birthdays. Birthdays are the days we get to celebrate how excited we are that that person is HERE on earth with us! Since the joy we feel from someone being here with us is multiplied by like, 8 and a half million when it comes to our kids, naturally, our birthday celebrations are super duper!
As per our family tradition, on Sunday, June 22nd (Cleve's actual birthday) we filled the house with balloons for him to find when he woke up!

Of course, this is what Cleve did to all my hard work by the end of the day --but hey, his balloons right? And I was feeling fine after getting a crack at chocolate cake #2!!!
Yuuuuuuum!!!!Another fabulous Segalla birthday celebration! Happy 3rd Birthday to my little man! I love you so much!!!