Friday, July 11, 2008

Boys will be Boys (who wont stop growing up, much to the distaste of their mother)

While I love talking about the humor in life,
I love talking about my boys even more. I tend to mix up their names, but I keep baby journals so as to keep them straight.

For instance,
You are probably Kurt if......
Two days ago, you picked up a dead ant, looked at it, and said philosophically,
"Sometimes, you just got to eat some bugs."
or, if you like to speculate about what Spiderman does when he goes home and stops being Spiderman.
or, if you love the water so much, even after falling into a pool, you come up after being rescued and say, "WHOAH, THAT WAS AWESOME!"
or, if you are so refreshingly honest you tell Aunt Jessica her feet are really big like a dog's, or point at the tall man in the WinCo, and say, "Mom, look at that Fatboy right there!"

You are probably Cleve if......
You dream about monsters every night, and every morning tell us in great detail all the ways you beat them up.
or, if you can roll your tongue!
or, if you tell Daddy every day when he comes home, "I MISSED-DED you!!"
or, if you tell everyone around you (strangers and family alike) each and every time you fart.

You are probably Kyle if.....
You are crawling now!
or, if you like to open all the cabinets and pull everything out of them!
Or if you can clearly say, "Hi, Dad!" But cant even choke out one "Mom."
or, if you put everything, EVERYHING (and I do mean everything) you come across into your mouth!

Any excuse to post adorable photos is an awesome one.


melissa said...

Melanie, your boys are soooo beautiful and your blogs are so fun to read! I wish I had as much life in me as you do in one finger! Love you!

fourbabies4us said...

Hello Melanie!
Remember me? I'm Amber's friend who has the quadruplets and lives in SLC. I've tried to contact you but haven't been able to. I was going to tell you that providing help for Amber and her babies will be a job to involve your entire stake in. It's too much work for one ward. When my babies were small, each ward in my stake took one week and provided help from 8-5 monday through friday and then the singles ward helped out on Saturday. I'm not sure how feasable that is for your area but I think you'll find that the women are really excited to help. We even had some married couples come together to pitch in. I'll be flying in for weekends every 4-6 weeks to give both Mike and Amber 2nights in a row to sleep. I honestly can't wait! I really miss having babies around.
If I can be of any assistance, please contact me at fourbabies4us at msn dot com.
Thanks a ton and good luck!

fourbabies4us said...

Oops. Now I feel stupid. I meant to write to Sandy Segalla. I'm assuming you are related?
Could you get my message to her or let me know how to contact her?
Thanks again,