Friday, July 11, 2008

Flem is back in town!!!

I have neglected my blog because my good old friend Flem Packin' is back in town. He comes once a year, won't go away, and like all dreaded guests, clogs up the pipes. So, while Flem has graced us with his presence, I have not had the energy to type. BUT, I am back! Flem hasn't left yet, but hes agreed to keep it down for the remainder of his stay, and life is better. I was able to find something to laugh about though. I went to the doctor, mindful of the fact that what goes around, comes around. After four and a half years of shoving revolting, vile substances down my children's throats during their illnesses, it was my turn. In the classic cliche, I can dish it out, but I don't want to take it. When the doctor prescribed me said vile substance, the packaging let me know how much vicarious revenge was being exacted onto me by my gleeful children. I was already nervous about what it would taste like, and when the pharmacist smugly handed me the bottle, two words leaped out, and karate chopped me. I'll let you guess.
Can you guess?
And it was, most definitely, sugar free.