Monday, July 21, 2008

The Melanie Curse Zap #2

This outlet ain't polarized.

"It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than open your mouth and remove all doubt."
Mark Twain

Basically, the quote that changed my life, despite having discovered it 6 years too late (i.e. after High School) Those shy people were pretty savvy, after all.
I must have a highly developed taste for toes because this story demonstrates my inability to keep my scaly foot out of my mouth.

Disneyland. (Again.)
Joe and I were having a fantastic time at California Adventure. We had just exited The Hollywood Tower of Terror. Oh, I mean Joe had just left it. I had successfully managed to maneuver my way out of going on The Tower of No Way in My Lifetime yet again!
There we were, bouncing along like kids, enjoying all the happy families. I saw a smiling woman carrying a gigantic stuffed Clarabelle the Cow-adorable! Very, very exuberantly I pointed and exclaimed,
"Joe!!!! Look at at that cow!!!!!"
Like ice water poured on someone enjoying a hot shower, (true, yes. explanation, no) Joe's dismayed and shocked, "Melanie!!!" cut through my excitement.
Confused, I questioned what was with his sudden loss of giddy Mickey lovin' spirit?
His response was to discreetly gesture at a bench we has just passed.

Sitting there, and I say this with the utmost sensitivity, was one of the largest Mouseketeers ever to enjoy the park. I of course had uttered this gem right as we were walking up to his bench. And he had most definitely heard me.
Mortified, I clarified to Joe that he had not actually married a cruel monstrous woman, merely someone who thought Clarabelle the Cow to be cute and worth pointing out. I then offered to go back and clarify the same thing to the offended Mouseketeer. After being assured that that would only make things horrifically worse, we went on to whatever else we did that day. I cannot remember a single thing after that incident because I was busy cursing my curse!!!!


Christina said...

((laughing)) that was too good and something I would have done! I had it happen to me once by the way... Ray's grandfather did it. I was pregnant with Alex and felt big (when now I know it was nothing... lol). Anyways, we get to his grandparents and his grandfather, looking at me, says "so are you expecting a horse?" I think my jaw hit the floor and I tried to jammer some crazy sentence of no... we're not that big and the baby is doing well. He repeated it and then explained calmly that hubby's aunt had left a rocking horse for us at their house... no one had ever mentioned this to me and I didn't know anything about it. I will never forget that one... lol.