Saturday, February 21, 2009

"Thanks, Kyle" and other random events

Cleve is freakin' smart. He's adorable, sweet, fun, cute, perfect, and also, very, very smart. Joe brought home a puzzle for him to do as a treat. Cleve sat there for over an hour, slowly, but surely picking out the matching pieces and putting them together. He got almost the whole puzzle done on his own! Look people, that is no 5 piece puzzle! Yes, mommy brag, my kid is a genius.

I got this for Christmas. A lap desk.
Padded bottom for your lap, flat top for doing stuff! I loved it.
The other day, I found it almost totally deflated on the couch. My gaze fell upon the destruction beyond it. Despite being grateful that these micro-beads came from a small lap desk and not an entire bean bag chair, those micro beads took a couple weeks to vacuum up completely.

Below is just a tiny part of the aftermath.
Yes, the culprit also pulled the stuffing out of yonder pillow.
Who was the culprit, you ask?
I think the evidence speaks for itself.
"Thanks, Kyle."

What happens when cabin fever hits our home. The boys begin contact sports, and their energy starts exploding out of them. They run faster, and faster, until they slowly begin to disappear....

And just because this is a mom blog, some cute pics.
Kurt is so sweet. Such a great smile!

Our little charm bug.
No one can resist this lady killer.

Though Kyle is not smiling, I love photos that show off his startling features.
Those eyes! Those Angelina lips! He is so gorgeous.