Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My Tribute to my Lightning in a Bottle

Disclaimer: I did not know you were supposed to clean off the surface of the scanner before you scan pics. Now I know.

Kurt's Birthday is today. He is the most amazing little boy a mom could ever have.
And, 5 years ago, he changed my life forever by making me a mom.
I just wanted to post some pics of the most amazing 5 years (so far) of my life.

Here I am, of course,
(It would be nice if that were Joe about to go through labor, but no, it's me)
We had no idea who this special boy was yet.
We still had no idea if he would come out looking like a toad, or an angel.

Kurt, 5 minutes old. Definitely not a toad.

6 hours old.

1 day.

2 months.

5 months

11 months

15 months

Almost Two

Two Years Old

Three Years Old


Today, February 24th, 2009.
5 Years Old.

I have no words. Except that, the fact that this boy is mine proves there is a God. And he loves me infinitely more than I love Kurt. Which is pretty hard to imagine. Ok, that was 30 words.
Happy Birthday Kurtie Pie!


Valerie said...

That photo of him as a naked newborn in your husband's arms is sooo cute! You are a great photographer.

Mosby said...

So sweet! Your boys all look so much alike and all of em look like Joe!

teamkc said...

Cute! He was SO tiny in that 6hour old picture! Happy Birthday, Kurt!