Saturday, February 21, 2009


V-Day People! That means Victory. I have a husband, so I earn Valentine's Day gifts every year by default. I also get cool dates. This V-Day, we went to the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway, which was far cooler than even I thought it would be. It was so cool the 8,000 other Valentine's Day Lovers who were also there didn't even faze us. (That's saying a lot.)

Driving up. Can I say, gorgeous?!! Yes, those lines in the picture are my cracked Windshield. We are trying to see how cracked it can get before we have to replace it.

Which of the following things are fake in this photo:
A. The Waterfall
B. Joe's smile
C. The Blue Mountain Goat
D. All of the Above
E. A and D

Answer: All of the Above! Joe was excited, he just feels awkward smiling when I take so many pics.

To pass the time waiting:
A placard identifying the black and white animal
seen everywhere raining on people's parade by
rudely stenching and blinding them.

I am a lucky lady
Here it comes!

Tram Up!

Ok, we had to wait a while to get on our tramway. While we browsed in the gift shop, I saw one of those license plate with your name on it displays. Upon looking, there was not a Melanie, Kyle, Cleve, or Kurt, but there were licenses that had the names Thelma, Raphael, Phyllis, Josephina, Loretta, Louis, Sonny, Marge, Norm and Norma, Bud and Ernie. It took a few hours of pondering before I realized that this is Palm Springs. Most of the population left in the world with those names live here. Ahhhhhh, I get it. So next time you want to find a gift with your grandparent's names on them, come here! They will be here.

It was really snowy at the top, and exceedingly awesome. Following are a lot of pics of us, because we looked really hot in the snow. Surprise, surprise, there are actually some of me, because it is so rare that I get a good pic, so in vain celebration,
I have jubilantly posted them here.

Proving again why I do not like it when other people take my photo, this cameraman caught me sexily scratching my armpit.

Walking up steep walkways should be illegal. I love to hike. I do not like to climb There IS a difference.

My kind of bathroom.

Joe and I joked about what would happen if there were an earthquake while we were up there, stranding us. There was a little concern, but when we found this rock candy, we were relieved. You see, this magic bag of rock candy feeds 160 people. Don't believe me? Just check out the back of the package.

See? We would be fine!

Coming back down. The scenery was GORGEOUS! Plus, if we wanted to "jump out" and take a closer look, we had a perfect exit! This window was open about two feet! Just a bit scary.

Woah, wouldn't want to fall on that.

Everyone go. It is super fun!!!
Yay for commercialized holidays that give me excuses to have fun dates!


Valerie said...

It looks like you guys had so much fun and that is gorgeous scenery. Glad you had a fun valentine's.

Mosby said...

Your back!! I was begining to worry no posts in almost a month!!! Nice date looks like fun!

teamkc said...

Beautiful place...we'll have to go there someday!