Tuesday, December 30, 2008

What's colder than dry ice?

Clinton, Utah! As awesome as Clinton is, sometimes it is pretty dang cold. Before we went to the hockey game, before dinner where Kurt puked at the table and majorly grossed out some diners by us, we went sledding! Tammy and I opped out of the sledding thing because there had to be someone unfrozen to drive home. When we first got out of the car, James said to me, "I give the kids half an hour" Well, the kids managed about 15 minutes before we gave up! Heaven bless Tammy's shotgun seat warmer that makes you feel like you're peeing your pants! Here are some pics that do not express to you in any way, how FREAKIN' cold it was! 24 degrees with a wind chill of like, negative 100. I've had a runny nose from the cold, but I had never experienced runny eyes until this day. It was still super fun though, anything with the Davis family is always going to be fun : )

Here is Tammy comforting poor Kyle. He had on long johns, pants, a shirt, snow pants, a winter jacket, hats and gloves, and he was still so cold he started screaming abut two minutes after we got out of the car. Kyle loves Tammy!

Yippee! First time down the hill! Kids don't care how cold it is!

The kids and the boys held out longer than Tammy and me because they were trekking up the hill so much.




Kurt could be in Antarctica, and he'd still play in the snow. He loves it!

Look at that face of concentration as he lugs that incredibly heavy snow tube up the hill!

Kyle LOVED the frigid fun, as you can plainly see.

Kurt's face tripped me out. Dead white except for his cheeks, and freckles. When it gets too cold, the body protects vital organs by diverting blood from other areas to those ones. As you can see, Kurt's body loves his cheeks as much as I do, and so they must be protected!