Thursday, December 18, 2008

Beauty and the Babushka

So, last Saturday, Me, Courtney the Brit, and Cameron Brassfield all went to Universal Studios. Joe had an unexpected business trip come up, so it was just us, the three amigos. It was a super fun day! The only bummer was Cameron's aversion to going on a ride more than once (despite there being like, 100 people there that day), however, THANKS to Cameron's aversion, we got on EVERY RIDE, and saw every show! Following are some pics. There are not a lot of me because Courtney convinced me that wearing makeup in the rain would be a bad idea. Apparently, she thought the ensuing result of me looking like her babushka when we stood next to each other was a good idea. After the seventh time someone thought I was Courtney's mom, I just sighed, stopped correcting them, and started telling them of the horrific 46 and a half hour labor she put me through. Just kidding. Courtney is awesome, awesome, awesome. She is hilarious, a fellow McHale-ite. (only true McHale-ites will know of what I speak) I also lost my camera that day, but it was found later, otherwise this post would be draped in ashes, and the captions would all say, life sucks.

Courtney and her Babushka

There is nothing like going to an amusement park with other incredibly cheerful and chipper people. It's like, fun on crack.

I took this exact same photo on each of the four separate escalators.
Being Courtney, she smiled in all of them.

Sigh. It was a long delivery, and I had to walk to the hospital barefooted....just kidding.
The views from the park are incredible! Imagine the spying you could do with a good telescope!

Here we embark on the obligatory studio ride, which never gets old. We saw no famous people though. Well, we did see one....(see below)

This is by far the coolest part of this ride. Remember the crashed plane in War of The Worlds? They took an ACTUAL plane, and destroyed it for the movie. Here it still is. An actual 747 on its side. Crazy. That's crazy AWESOME! Now, when you see the movie, and watch this scene, picture the fact that Universal Studios amusement park is like, 100 feet away.
Just beyond the filming of that scene were people watching Terminator 2 3-D, and other people getting breathed on by a giant gorilla. "RUN, TOM CRUISE! RUN TO THE MUMMY RIDE! GO GET SOME COTTON CANDY!"

Here's the famous guy we saw! Bruce!!! He would have eaten us, but Cameron had garlic breath.

And credit where credit is due. The park has an investigator just for finding lost things,
(not really) and this wonderful guy worked on my harrowing case until the camera (complete with the spiderman bag it was in) was found! He was very patient as I entered the office 5 times that day, asking if he had found my camera yet.

Hooray for movie studios that destroy the very illusions they spend so much money creating! I know all the secrets now! With this knowledge, I am currently filming,
"The Adventures of the Mormon Babushka and Courtney the Brit."


Stiber Family said...

So, who does that boy have eyes for? could it be the Brit? or someone else? Before long, that boy will be snatched up and a married man!