Thursday, December 18, 2008

Hell hath frozen over

Ok, ok, Hesperia is NOT hell, but I liked the title. Actually the reference was really that it barely even RAINS here in the desert, let alone, cough, cough, gasp, SNOW! And the last time it snowed was 4 years ago, when it snowed for a couple hours, and then melted by 10 am. So, if you were to say, in a regular year, that it would "snow when hell froze over", you wouldn't be too far off, but now that....
As all of my fellow desert bloggers have blogged about today, it SNOWED yesterday, ALL DAY! It didn't stop snowing the entire day for even one minute. Joe got stuck down the hill when they closed the cajon pass, and the power went out briefly last night! It was a true snow storm straight out of a movie. Dad not home...power out...all that was missing was a mysterious stranger showing up at our door needing shelter.

A couple hours after it started. The kids couldn't wait to get outside! Though it was mid morning, look how dark it was! It was a bad storm.

I always feel so domestic in a snowstorm. Looking outside and seeing this all day...I did tons of laundry!

Kyle loved the snow so much he pretty much sat on the back of the couch, and watched it snow, the entire day!


The next morning, the skies had cleared. But look at the difference in the light, though this was taken at the same hour! Look how much snow we, in the bonafied DESERT, got!

Buried toys.

Buried cars!

Insane, right?

This time, I found the boys some gloves, and they played outside for a couple hours!

Kurt could not wait to get into a snowball fight, but after he pelted Cleve in the head a few times with snowballs, he found himself alone in that department of fun. Just wait until Dad gets home and lays outside with him! It will be War.

The jeep wouldn't start in the cold. Cleve couldn't get to work today. Lucky me!
Now on to Utah and...more snow! There can never be too much snow!


Kristie said...

I still can't believe how much snow the desert got. I've lived there (until 1999) for 11 years and only one other time do I remember it snowing. And it was nothing like this. To answer your question YES there is too much snow. Onto summer for me!

melissa said...

I am coveting your snow. Does this mean I'm going to Hell? Then I really won't get any snow. Boo-Hoo.