Monday, December 29, 2008

I went to a fight the other night and a hockey game broke out

Ok, ok, I didn't come up with that one, Rodney Dangerfield did. But it's true!
So, the piece de resistance of our Christmas trip was our first family hockey game!
IT WAS AWESOME!!!!! Joe and I are now huge fans of Emilio Estevez, complete with ducks jerseys, and ducks tickets for next month. Before we went, I know there would be
B and O (Beer and Overtime) I did not know there would actually be, B.O. The guys behind us, well, P.U! (That's puck, and-uh-Upset Hockey Players) Have I said this yet? IT WAS AWESOME!!! This post is first, before Christmas, because it was almost the funnest thing we did. Following are some awesome moments!

Leah Lynn Davis. The CUTEST girl EVER. No joke. I want to get my own Leah Lynn.

Look at muh bebe! Huge eyes, red nose, gigantic lower lip, Excitement incarnate!

James being James, he let us wear his hockey jerseys! He even had a Russian one for Joe!

Awwww, she is truly adorable.

These moments were anticipated only slightly less than a goal. FIGHT, men, FIGHT!

Us! Don't I look hot in my...mmm...wait, I got this....Avalanche jersey? While I was waiting for the play to be over (look how much I know!) to return to my seat, a man started talking to me about the team on my shirt, and wanted to know my strategies for them. I just smiled, and said that The Mighty Ducks was a great movie, and taught me all I needed to know about hockey! I don't think he thought that was funny.

Hubba, hubba! The ice melted faster than my heart! (Gag me, corny Melanie)

Tammy snapped me seconds before I made off with Leah in my coat pocket!

I am going to take a wild guess, and call this mascot a grizzly bear.

Chillin' with the Tammy.

This much hoped for aggressive show of shoving leads to....

....this, which leads to....

...this! Heck yeah!

About to score!

And one final pic before the game ended. BlurMan LOVES hockey!

By the way, yelling at a hockey game is AWESOME! But, having never gone to a game before, all I could come up with was, "No, No! or, Go, Go!" But with a little research, I found out some great things to yell at my next game! (And no, I don't know what most of them mean)

"Hey ref! You must be pregnant, 'cuz you missed two periods!"

"Hey goalie! I've seen coupons that save more than you!"

"Hey (player) How can you eat with no hands?!" (whatever that means)

"Hey ref! Check your messages, 'cuz you've missed so many calls!!"

There were also lots, and lots of profane heckles to add to my repertoire, but I think I'll STICK with these! Got it? Stick? Hardy har har : )