Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Merry Christmas to all, and to all without babies a good night!

Santa knew we were at James and Tammy's house, so Christmas was great : ) Thank you guys so much for letting us spend Christmas with you! This is seriously the coolest family on Earth!

Bleary eyed on Christmas day!

From mom and dad....eh...

...from santa...sigh...

...from James and Tammy! Heck yeah!!

The most popular present of the day was the one we gave the baby!

Mmmm...creme brulee french toast, a delicious tradition!

It snowed all day, hooray! But it was so windy, it snowed sideways. I tried to capture that, but just realize all of those snowflakes were going from left to right!

And since it was so COLD, the snow was sparkly! Like glitter!

Around bedtime, Joe and the guy in charge of his national guard unit started putting this up. The National Guard man did a better job (sorry Joe!)

Kyle did not want to go to bed until I handed him this vibrating back massager! When I tried to turn off the lights and take it with me, he screamed, so I turned off the lights, left it with him, and off to lala land he went, without a peep!

Cutie Kids!

Tada!!!!!! Only 360 days until next Christmas!