Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The earthly item that will never, ever, EVER get lost

Sigh. In the last two months, I have lost my keys, the cordless phone, and now, my wallet. Actually, my wallet's days were numbered as this is something like the 36th time I have lost it, and now it is really, and truly gone. Eaten by the house. We, Joe and I, have lost remote controls, birth certificates, titles to our cars, and-gulp-children. We have lost sweaters, movies, receipts, money, grocery bags full of food, cars in parking lots, more keys than I can count, shoes, and on, and on, and on and on. The saying you can't take it with you should have an explanation underneath it.
-Because it will be lost before then.
The item below is original to the house. It is 25 years old. My bathroom plug is the same age as I am. Somewhere, when my mom was giving birth to me, a bathroom plug was also born, and instilled in our home. When we first moved in, we were told the plug had never been lost since first arriving here in its (then) brand new home. Ha! I thought. Knowing Joe and I's penchant for losing things, I smirked, knowing the tub plug was soon to be gone without a trace. After Joe and I searched for my wallet yesterday for a combined total of 7 hours between us, (no, the house has still got it) it occurred to me that despite losing so many important items, (we have lost pretty much everything we own at least once) and despite having mentally DARED that piece of plastic to stand up to the Bermuda triangle that is our home, here we are. 4 and a half years later, and our BELOVED quarter of a century old tub plug is still around. Never to be lost. Ever.