Thursday, October 9, 2008

Halloweentime at Disney!

Disneyland, baby! Heck yeah!

This is my very dear friend Kristie and her two kids, Devin and Analise. She, and Denise Pedroza and her son A.J. (they couldn't come this time) make up what I have dubbed, "The Unofficial Disneyland Mommies Club", or T.U.D.M.C. Tudmac. We all have passes, and used to go at least once a month, usually twice, sometimes thrice. After a long dry spell in which both Denise and I had babies, we are all no longer preggo, and Tudmac is back! Anyway, the following pics are of Kristy and our kids. She is so awesome. Our friendship sort of crept up on us. We met when William and Angel were driving me to Utah to go live there. She and Adam were also making the trip and we met at that gas station when I was 18. Needless to say, I did not stay in Utah, or these pictures would not be here. Anyway, over the course of the next 7 years, we kept on hanging out through church callings, and moments of inspiration where we'd think to do stuff together, and now we talk on the phone nearly every single day (for at least an hour) She was at my wedding (where she wore the same dress as my mom, haha, Kristie will hate that I put that) and now we have five kids between us! I once delivered cupcakes to Kristie on her birthday, and then was brutally verbally attacked by her antimormon neighbor while Kristie watched, horrified, from her deck. Once, we were in the temple, and the lady in front of us had a giant spider crawling all over her! In vain, Kristie and I sought to brush that spider off, but as we later discovered, sitting behind her, we had failed in our attempt. We have commiserated on illnesses, food storage, potty training, and tantrums. We have shared thanksgivings, and baby blessings.
Kristie is the best mom I know. She is so much fun, so happy, and always there for me. And she is so faithful, and has such a strong testimony, she really inspires me.
Anyway, to reiterate,

Too cool for school, baby.




Disneyland has underestimated one of their most popular attractions. They are unobtrusive, unadvertised, and to every child on the planet, irresistible. The guardrails in every line. See the few pics below, and trust me, they are only three guardrail adventures of about, oh, a hundred.

Climbing on the decorations guardrails....

...climbing on the tortilla factory guardrails...

........"Stop climbing on the guardrails!!!"

stop climbing on the guardrails? Yeah right.

Kurt and Analise, (straight from his mouth, folks) "the best girl on Earth"

For anyone who has ever or never been on the DCA Ferris wheel, it's vomit inducing fun!

"Kurt's the rootinest, tootinest, cowboy in the wiiiiiiiiild west!"

Happy Halloween!


Kristie said...

Thanks for the very kind words you said. I am soooooo glad to have you as a good friend. You are a great mom too and I am glad to have my Disneyland buddy back!

Kristie said...

Oh yeah and by the way thanks for reminding me about the dress. It was popular what can I say! I'd also forgotten about the neighbor yelling (sorry again) and the spider,yuck. Brings back fun memories. I'm glad that our kids get along so well so we can hang out. GO TUDMAC!!!