Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Random things that I find gross

My husband thinks I am weird for certain aversions I have. I will share them with you, and see if you agree with him, or me.

1. Chicken Soup smells like pee to me. I cant stand eating it for that reason.

2. When I eat cashews, its like breathing in the air inside my tires.

3. Polish Sausages at Costco smell like people's sweaty armpits. Although, they are delicious. So I just breath through my mouth when I eat them.

4. Any old food. Explanation-there is a silent, unknown expiration date on every food item in my fridge known only to me. One day, a food will be fine, the next day, I can't eat it. For whatever reason, despite looking, tasting, and smelling the same, inexplicably it has become old, and I cannot put it into my stomach. This includes milk, and sometimes even before the expiration date.

5. Hair.
I cannot stand hair. My husband cannot stand feet AT ALL, and I cannot stand hair. Ok, ok, over time, I have learned the art of tousling all my boys' hair, but that's it, baby! Here's where my aversion got me. In primary, when you are a teacher, little girls just love to come sit on your lap! I love that, since I do not have a little girl. I do not love the tradition in primary where a little girl comes to sit on your lap and you have to play with their hair. All the other sisters and children would look at me incredulously as my lazy arms would stay firmly wrapped around said little girl's waist. But I shun all hair. Cat hair, Dog hair, people hair, dirty hair or clean hair, I don't know why, but HAIR IS GROSS!

6. Spiders. Well, duh, right? I mean, there are supposedly mythical people out there that like spiders, but we all know that's just an urban legend.

7. Other kids' diapers. I am a seasoned poop veteran, but for whatever reason, children that do not share my dna? Yak city.

8. Root beer.
Apparently, I am a traitor to the American Culture, but what can I say?

9. Licorice
See above

10. The Spit Pit.
In High school, people used to share sodas, right? I mean, it was common for 4 or 5 people to swig from the same bottle. Anyway, the disgustingness of this was explained away many times through this excuse. It's not really gross to share your soda with several other people because, as we all know, the spit from all these people settles at the bottom of the soda. Thus, the name, the spit pit. So, as long as you avoided the last two or three inches of the soda/water/juice (which would basically be not beverage, but all spit) you would be ok. As I grew older, I learned two things. First, that you shouldn't really share your drink with other people, and two, that the "spit pit" probably did not exist.
To this day, I still cannot drink, The Spit Pit.

Alright, if anyone would like to comment, and tell me what weird things you find gross, that would be awesome. Together, we will be a paranoid nation.