Wednesday, October 22, 2008

This is how we roll

"This is how we roll" is an expression used fondly by my sister in law Suzy and her family. (variation, "We don't roll like that)
In our backyard, we do things a little differently.
In short,
This is how we roll.

Weeding is a dreaded task. For a while, I got really into it, and spent hours in the blazing sun with my pink Breast Cancer sunhat on. I felt very proud of myself until I realized I had spent two hours weeding a 24 inch by 12 inch section, and there was still about an acre of waist high weeds to pull out. When I bemoaned this to Joe, he smiled sagely, and said,
"Melanie, in our yard we don't weed with garden tools!" (Duh!) When I naively asked what we do use, he smiled and said, "I'll handle it, baby"
Below is Joe, preparing to "handle" the weeds. Still not sure what that is? Scroll down. In our yard, we burn our weeds with a blowtorch! Of course, we do this safely, notice Kurt standing by with the water hose.
Our garden is our pride and joy. As with all pride and joys, evil beings seek to destroy them. Gophers (as evidenced in the movie Caddy Shack) LOVE to make a grass grower's life miserable. Today, while on the phone with Jill, I sighed as I noticed yet another Gopher hole.
This is a sight you will also see in everyone else's yard.

Then, still on the phone with Jill, I saw something else. Yeah, this is our yard, so we don't grow just your garden variety (pun intended, haha) gophers. We get MONSTER gopher holes! Now, I know we probably don't have actual monsters in our backyard, but all I have to say about this hole I am about to show you is-

So, if anyone wants to comment on what they think this hole is, please do, because,
holy cow.
And one final picture. In our yard, we have the usual tricycles, bicycles, scooters, etc. The difference about our yard is that they are all abandoned, because, as per my children's new favorite toy, in our yard, this is how we roll.


Stiber Family said...

It's great to see the hole you were shocked over on the phone. You're right. IT IS HUGE!!! I'm telling you, get gopher bombs and get them out quick!

Tennille said...

Joe should have stuck the blow torch in the gopher hole!!