Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Photo Tag!

So, I have been tagged by Jill to post the fourth pic from the fourth file on my computer. Ok, Jill, I have no idea what that means. How do you count the files? So, I opened the fourth file in my pictures, and I only had three, so this is the THIRD pic in my fourth file on my computer!
This is the picture I took of my niece Sara in the hospital the day she was born. I just love it because she is holding her mom, my sister in law Misty's hand. See how identical their fingernails are? On of my favorite photos I have ever taken.
Ok, I now tag Liz to interpret what the fourth pic in the fourth file means, and then post the photo. TAG LIZ, YOU ARE IT!


Stiber Family said...

How precious! I'm still waiting for you to take my kids pics!!! I'm serious. When are you available? I just got their Christmas clothes...well one set of them. I like to have several dresses and outfits for Christmas time.

melissa said...

This is a beutiful, precious picture Melanie!
When are you going to come over and visit me?
Come over next Monday . . . ????