Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Like oldest son Daddy, like oldest son son.

So, I don't have an older brother, but I hear it's pretty great.
Joe is the oldest of five siblings. Two younger brothers, and two younger sisters. He loves them so much, and feels so responsible for them all the time. Growing up, he was the quintessential older brother, you know, taking care of them, teaching them, and "occasionally" teasing them. Before showing the reason for this post, a pictorial oldest brother tribute to my stud Joe. Speaking of which, the following pictures are mostly of Joe being the older brother. The first one is just one where his non sibling (me) thinks,
"Holy moly, that guy is SMOKIN' HOT!"

Joe and Tennille, helping her over that rock

Joe, Suzy, and Tennille

Joe, Suzy, Tennille, David, and John

The reason for this post is to not only brag about my great older brother husband, but also to brag about my oldest child Kurt, who is the older brother to Cleve and Kyle, The other day, I had run inside to get my camera. Before going inside, Kyle had been trying in his baby way to climb onto the much too big tricycle. When I came outside, to my choked up sight, this is what I saw. Kurt had lifted Kyle onto the tricycle, and was pushing him around the yard just because he wanted to help his little brother. Just like his Dad, always looking out for his younger brothers and sisters. How wonderful and amazing is a sight like this to a mom! Joe's sibs know they always have an older bro to turn to, and now,
so do Cleve and Kyle.