Friday, July 24, 2009

Swimming Lessons!

Swimming Lessons 2009!
Sorry about the weird tint of these photos, my camera was on a weird setting!
Anyway, Kurt can now swim (basically) and Cleve has gotten over his overly cautios approach to water, and is almost there! I am so proud of my boys, they did such an awesome job this year!

Kurt was the youngest kid, and only boy, in his class!

Kurt has been a fearless swimmer from the day he came out of the womb.
This kid loves the water!
Kurt did whatever the teacher asked with no hesitation at all. When she showed them how to dive and asked them to copy her, in he went!

Most of Kurt's dives ended in belly flops, so we're still working on the form, but the enthusiasm is just right!

Cleve loves the water now too, and is still a little careful, but he mastered the underwater bob!

Ahhhhh...swimming on a hot nice!
Kurt had the best swimming teacher in the world! Don't be deceived by this pretty face, this woman was tough!!! She pushed the kids, and was most of the reason Kurt learned as much as he did this year. Thank you Ashley!

On the last day the teachers bring the kids popsicles and their certificates!

Way to go my cuties!!!! We are so proud of you!!