Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Zion Part Three

Our last day in Zion started out with another hike,
Can i get a whoop whoop?
Hiking rocks, baby!

Kyle had finally had enough of riding the tram in a backpack.
Laughing boy en route to Weeping Rock

This scenery is clogging my arteries stores...the park.....Zion...
...rails are made for climbing, baby!

Awww.....cousins are so much fun

I asked Kurt to give me a great looking camera mug, he obliged and stuck his finger up his nose and would not take it out, no matter how many threats I gave. Finally, I gave up and so I say, isn't the scenery behind them awesome?

Seriously folks, get high on nature, won't ya?

The ONLY family picture of the trip with me in it NOT looking like
"someone ate Melanie!"
Buses are awesome

So are toothy (or toothless) grins

When we got back to camp later that day, it was sweltering. I could feel my ears sweating. Kids being the resourceful geniuses they are, the chitlins came up with the idea to make use of the spigot, with no inspiration whatsoever from the adults. Suddenly Zion became home to a water park.
Are these kids ready for a think tank yet? I think so!

We had filled the cooler up for Kyle, but someone else rather enjoyed the mini spa.

Sigh, and that was the last day. So long Zion, we will miss you!

When we got home, Cleve had one more thing waiting for him. Real tools, that just happened to be mini! Real gloves, real metal mini hammer, it is such an awesome set. Joe looked high and low until he found these.

As Grandma sings to the kids, the party is ooover, its time to caaaall it a daaaaay, Now, back to work!
(Incidentally, at the canning the next day, a
lady in our ward stepped on this very nail
and it went like, an inch into her foot! Sorry Sister Tahauri!
But the nail was fine, good work Cleve!