Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The "After Party"

So, as with all cool events, such as our camping trip, there was of course, an "after party." Symbolizing the fact that we were finally able to take showers after our trip to Zion, we had a pool party!

The sisters -in- law. Pretty nifty crew, I say.

Megan the adorable.

Kenziekins the beloved.

Sara the sweetie.
These are just three of my 5 gorgeous nieces!

While the pool was fun for a few, the real club scene was in the spa!
Can't beat warm water filled with non-potty trained babies!

Well, this was an unplanned moment.
I caught Joe in the process of simultaneously diving to redirect a
pool floundering Kurt, and also kicking the heck out of the spa folk!

Moments after rescuing the child, Joe reinstilled his sense of security.

My kid is a tank, look at that splash!!

Pretty awesome day!