Friday, July 24, 2009

Seconds from Disaster

So, you know how sometimes a show comes on, and it totally GETS something weird about the way your brain functions? I LOVE the show Seconds From Disaster. For me, the moments, minutes, days, weeks before someone dies or a crisis happens hold a weird fascination for me. These people have no idea whats about to hit 'em. That has always tripped me out. (That and the fact that this underlining thing comes on randomly where I cannot turn it off) Anyway, I went to the thrift store last week and found a pile of old Life Magazines. One of them had an interview with Christa McAuliffe just the month before the Challenger exploded! The interview is so optimistic, and innocent, and happy. And some of the things she says have that weird "famous last words" tone to them. Its so eery to read something like this after the fact! I just wanted to post this, because, well, like I said, its eery.

The Challenger spacecraft explosion

There were more pictures I took, but they won't load, so this is what I got.

Here she is training. Some of the pics that wouldn't load show her laughing, and happy, with her family and students.

"Famous Last Words"

I hope NASA spent as much on the life insurance policy as they do on a spacecraft toilet seat.

Ok, only pic that would load, but that lady in the pic was the lady who would have gone had Christa not been able to make it! Do you think she thinks about that every day still?
So sad....and did I mention eery?