Thursday, July 9, 2009

Utah, baby!

Our family vacation this year was to Utah. We were headed to Zion National Park, but we headed up there a few days early to install a camera, visit some friends, and finally get to hike to Timp Cave. For the first two nights, we stayed at James and Tammy's, and went to Chuck E. Cheese! Whoohoo! The weird thing was that this Chuck. E. Cheese was laid out exactly like ours at home, 700 miles away. Even the games were in the same spots! It was kind of eery, in a really loud arcade beeping and children screaming, bright fluorescent lights flashing kind of a way.

Kyle doesn't really like to "do" anything at Chuck E. Cheese. He just likes to run around and push every button, and bang on every game!
Kurt spends tokens like they are going out of style! This kid can go through a cup of tokens in like, 20 minutes.

Most of Kurt and Leah's tokens were actually spent on this ride. This bike goes high up in the air, and they actually got Cleve on it as well for a while.

Kyle loves to pretend he is driving, look how excited he gets!

And finally, I love this photo because Kyle ran, and ran, and ran...until the mouse came out for a birthday party. Then, everyone danced, and boogied down, and shimmied things that shouldn't have been a-shimmyin, and Kyle just stood stock still and watched until the mouse left! He just stood there and stared. It was hilarious. And when everyone stopped dancing and ashimmyin, he took off and ran some more!
All right Zion, here we come!


Valerie said...

Updates!! Yay! It looks like you guys had such a good time. Glad you got to do some awesome stuff this summer. Hope you're doing well at home.

Stiber Family said...

Looks like you need to change the name of your blog soon......Daisy Grace will need to be in the title of your blog too!