Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Utah Trip-Hike to Timp Cave!

The second thing we did while in Utah was hike to Timp Cave! I have a ton of great childhood memories from Utah, and Timp Cave will always be one of my favorites. I have wanted to hike up there with my own family, but only know were we able to do it. It happened to be father's day, so it ended up being a great combination of memories!

The day began with a struggle to get Kyle...
...well, I think the pics tell the story just fine : )


No, No!......

"Oh yeah, I remember now that hiking in this is fun!"
(His tears instantly stopped when Joe stood up)
So, the following pics are of our amazingly gorgeous hike up to the cave! The kids are troopers, it was me who was gasping for air!

Almost best part of the whole trip was this element right here : )

Awww...all my boys...on the verge of death : )

When Joe got tired carrying the (insanely heavy) backpack, Katie Rose offered to take a turn. This was her sweet smile as it was being strapped to her back.

This was 5 minutes later.

"Harry!! I've reached the top!!!"
(I will never, ever get tired of saying that, and finding opportunities to say that)

Check out the quote on the bottom (click on the pic)
I wonder if that really would have happened had they not "saved" the cave?
The big doorway on the bottom is the carved out entrance we go into. The hole on the top is the natural entrance the guy who discovered the cave belly crawled through!

This face is Kyle's "say cheese" face. Sadly, he only bestows this treasure upon us VERY randomly. Little stinker plays us like violins.

Its weird to think about how old these formations are, and yet how I could just take a hammer up there with me, and with a tap tap tap, (they are incredibly fragile, supposedly) undo thousands of years of dripping.

Ok, this is the "Heart of Timpinogos" and for all my life I have wondered why it is not "The Wisdom Tooth of Timpinogos" Seriously right? Does this thing (weighing over three tons, fact compliments of the park ranger) look like a heart, or a giant molar? You decide.

Cave popcorn!
On the way up, Kurt decided to go the snails pace with me that I was going, so all the on the way up pics were of him. On the way down, Cleve took pity on his mom, and so now all the on the way down pics are of him. Hey, you stick with me, you get your picture taken!

I was amazed when we happened upon a sign saying the very same thing I had been screaming repeatedly at my children for two hours!

It was such a great day, and such a great hike!
I cant wait to go again!