Friday, July 17, 2009


(warning, bloody photo below)
In one of my most favorite of all time author's (L.M.Montgomery) books, she described Anne Shirley as having a "Jonah" day. This is a day where nothing seems to go right. I don't often attribute such a wonderful description to a bad day I am having, as most of the time the bad day is occurring because I am in a bad mood. But every once in a while comes along a day where you could be Polyanna incarnate....and still, nothing would go right that day. That my friends, is a Jonah day.
Today was a Jonah day.
It started off innocently enough. Yesterday I went to The Salvation Army to purchase baby girl clothes. This has become a steady pursuit, and the pile on my dresser is growing! Anyway, I found a cartful of basically brand new adorable baby girl clothes! When I got to the counter, I was informed that though the clothes were 50% off the day before, and were going to be 50% off the following day (today) they were not currently 50% off! There are weird people in this world who make weird decisions. Anyway, I asked if I could put the clothes in a bag and come back and get them the following day. This was agreed upon, all was right in the world.
Then came, sigh, today.
I got up, got all the kids dressed and in the car to get to the Salvation Army right after opening, as requested. When I arrived, they informed me apologetically that somehow the bag of clothes had been tossed upon the truck which was now en route to San Bernardino. There were no cute clothes left on the baby girl rack, as I had thoroughly cleaned them out.
Thus began my Jonah day.
Because my kids had been well behaved throughout this, I took them to the movie theater for the first showing of Ice Age, 10:30 am. To my surprise, this theater sold matinee tickets that were roughly the same price as most theater's evening tickets. And the baby was not free. I was then convinced by the man at the counter to buy a very expensive plastic popcorn bucket and plastic drink container so that I would be able to come to the movies in the future and pay an initial 2.50 for a refill of popcorn and soda, and then get free refills thereafter. When I went into the theater, it was empty, and we sat, with baby Kyle in stroller, in the handicap seats so I wouldn't have to drag his stroller up the steps. I have never seen those seats occupied by a wheelchair bound person, so I did not hesitate to plop myself down in them. 5 minutes later, in came a wheelchairer. So, I dragged the stroller up the stairs to relocate. 10 minutes later, Kyle spilled my popcorn bucket. No worries, I thought, free refills! So I dragged his stroller down the stairs and out of the theater to go back to the concession stand where I was informed that the man had been mistaken and I was expected to pay 2.50 EVERY time I got a refill, including now. (Incidentally, the size of the bucket is equivalent to a kid size popcorn bag) So, with no popcorn or drink refill, back to the theater, stroller drag back up the stairs. I was confident that the early time of the movie would ensure me a "kyle is crying but no one is here so i don't have to worry about it" zone. Well, 15 people showed up besides me to watch the first showing of Ice Age. So, the wailing began, I dragged the stroller down the stairs for the third time (Cleve had had to use the bathroom once in between these times) and me and the baby enjoyed the distant rumblings of the movie from the hall for the entire second half. When we got home, I was proud of the fact that I had remembered to lock up the house, and arm the security system! That is, until I remembered Joe had borrowed my house key the day before, and so I did not currently have it. Kyle had just fallen asleep, but nonetheless, we all trekked around to the back of the house where mercifully, I had carelessly forgotten to lock the porch door. Unfortunately, because I had armed the house, opening the back door caused the alarm system to go off, waking up the sleeping boy. I had just set the boys down and settled into the couch, enjoying the nice A.C, when Cleve ran out screaming, "MOM, KYLE HAS BLOOD!" Expecting a tiny scrape, out staggers my screeching baby with blood POURING out of the side of his head. After my heart resumed beating a few seconds later, I was able to determine that one of the boys (not naming who) had thrown a rock, and Kyle had caught it, though not with his hands. We rushed to the Emergency room, and though his cut had stopped gushing by the time we got there, when it was cleaned up, it was deep enough for a staple! Poor boy! I am writing this in the middle of the day, all this happened before 3:00 p.m, so I am a little afraid of the next 5 or 6 hours! However, I can say that Heavenly Father knows when we are having a Jonah day, and gives us good moments as well as bad, we just have to pay attention to them. On the way home, the location of my misplaced IPOD jumped out of nowhere into my brain! One second I had no idea where it was, the next second I remembered! But, being as it was a Jonah day, upon arriving home, Kyle then proceeded to dump his entire strawberry shake onto the carpet, and then fall face first into it, gluing his eyes shut, and soaking his entire head, face, and front in thick creamy goodness. (Impeccable timing, as I was instructed in the E.R not to get his head wet/i.e. wash his hair, for two days until the stitch came out) Then, at the exact moment I was trying to hook up the dvd player to the tv and put in a movie for the kids, the lightning storm going on outside knocked out the power for a few moments, which was just enough time to come back on and power surge my dvd player, shorting it out.
So, that was my Jonah day (so far) Thank you all for reading this!!! Though by the time you do, I may have an addendum up, detailing the REST of my Jonah day! (Sadly, Jonah days don't just come to an unexpected end : (
Below are the before and after pics of my baby. Poor Kyle!

So, should we dye his hair, does Kyle look better as a redhead?

Kyle's first staple!
He didn't even cry when they did it, amazing the doctor and nurse!


Christine said...

Holly cow, Thats just amazing too good to even make up! I hope the week is much more UNeventful for you!

Valerie said...

I'm sorry you had such a crazy day! I'm glad you are all okay at the end of it and hope you've had a better time since then.

Stiber Family said...

Poor baby Kyle. Lucky for him it is in his hair, so he won't have to worry about a scar. (3 out of 4 of my kids have scars on their foreheads! Boys each have one and Jinelle has two!) Hope your Jonah day got better.