Friday, July 24, 2009

Kurt said a 4 letter word...uh-oh...

I registered Kurt for Kindergarten last week, whoohoo! When we went in to the office to register, we were the only ones there besides the office lady, so it was very quiet in there. Kurt leaned down and whispered something into Cleve's ear, at which point Cleve screamed out, "MOM, KURT SAID A BAD WORD!!"" Now, my kids don't really know the terrible words, so expecting something like "stupid" or the spanish swear word for poop (they did learn that somewhere, and though that word is forbidden, when they are feeling extremely naughty, sometimes they still say it) I inquired as to what word he had whispered.
I unfortunately laughed out loud before I could stop myself. When I told Kurt that was inappropriate, he said, "but you laughed!" And, I did laugh! I told him I just did not expect him to use that particular word, which was why I laughed. So, the matter was dealt with and closed. But when I got home, went to my room and closed the door, then I laughed, and laughed, and laughed until my sides ached! Holy Cow, kids catch you by surprise sometimes!