Wednesday, July 8, 2009

First Day in Zion!

So, its just a fact of humanity. Moms don't get to sleep in at home, and they don't get to sleep in on vacations. It's a tough reality to face, but there it is. However, that "downer" actually becomes a blessing when you get up early, and then have the chance to snap photos like this....

Our first day in Zion started off just the way we hoped, with our family!

Ok, this baby is delicious. Forget breakfast.

Well...Grandma did do a birthday pancake bar just for Cleve's birthday, so, yeah...I'm going to take that thing about not wanting breakfast back......

The birthday boy! 4 years old!
And despite this tasty photo op, an imminent present arrival
right after this photo meant this yummy plate of food never got eaten.

In my family, a birthday without balloons is no birthday at all. So, here they be!

Katie Rose and I made cakes in the dutch oven!

We were also celebrating Bree's 5th birthday
(she turned five on the 18th)

As luck would have it, I forgot candles! Luckily, the close by store had candles, but only the magic ones that relight! So, it turned out to be a good thing that I made the third cake, because Cleve, in order to get those candles extinguished, resorted to spitting them out. What did we do with the gorgeous, spitty cake? We generously gave it to the boy scouts in the camp across from us : )
(Look at Kyle behind Cleve, "blowing" out those candle right along with his brother!)

Happy Birthday my gorgeous sweet boy!
We love you so much!