Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Zion Part Two

All riiiiiggght, first hike of the trip!
Zion has an awesome bus system, fun, free, beautiful!
No seat belts, so its kid friendly too!

Katie Rose, you are seriously gorgeous.
I miss you so much already!

You know, this kid has it made on hiking trips.
A comfy seat, shade, and he can even catch a few zzzs!

Kurt always likes to "help" Grandma when we are hiking

The scenery here is so beautiful, it feeds you. Each hike should come with a calorie guide. This was the Emerald Pools hike - 250 calories, 250 fat calories.

Hey sis!

So. when is it MY turn, I ask?
Ma and Pa Segalla

Man, in the un - photographable heat of this trip, this water coming down was like Heavenly Father hitting us with his merciful spray bottle.

Ok, so HOW cute is THIS!!!!!!
I wanted to buy it so bad, but Joe wasn't around to ask if I could spend a ridiculous amount of money on a baby park ranger costume, so I didn't.
Later when he saw the picture, he said, "Why didn't you buy this?"
Seriously, I might go back to Zion this year just so I can rectify that mistake.

The end of the hike is always the best.
We didn't summit a crazy peak or anything, but we got to sprawl lazily on a gorgeous green lawn in the shade and munch on junk food while being together. Seriously just as great!
And Joe is always the main attraction for my boys.
"Yeah, I know I'm the greatest Dad that ever existed" (You really are)

Arrrggghhh! So, when we got back to camp, the squirrels had landed! If you had to choose to face a Zion squirrel or Chuckie, Id recommend Chuckie. These squirrels are ruthless. They will chew THROUGH your tents to get to your food! A lesson we learned this year. Just like us, they went straight for the chocolate! Mmmmmm....chocolate... :)

Right about now, we are all thinking, "Aw man, only one more day!"